Susan Henthorn, Director

Susan serves as a Director of the Foundation, Deputy Director of AVVA Region IV.

Jeffrey White, Advisor

     Jeffrey serves as a non-voting advisor, is a former Real Estate Tax Specialist, member of VVA Chapter 466, VVA PA State Membership Chair, and served in the U.S. Army.

Linda S. Yates, Chair

Linda serves as Chair of the Foundation, and is President of

AVVA Chapter 1004, Inc. in Lebanon, TN.

Sharon Hobbs, Advisor

Sharon serves as a non-voting advisor, is the National President

of the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. (AVVA), and has worked in the healthcare industry for many years.

Susan Price, Treasurer

Susan is the Foundation's Treasurer, and Vice President

of the TN Association AVVA, Inc., and member of AVVA Chapter 203.

     Sondra Allen, Secretary

     Sandy is the Foundation's Secretary, member and secretary of AVVA Chapter 542, AVVA PA State Membership Chair, and has held various jobs in the communications industry.

Board of Directors

Don Jones, Director

Don serves as a Director of the Foundation and serves as the Adminstrator/AVVA Representative of the VVA Buckeye

State Council (OH), and served in U.S. Air Force.

National Foundation for Veterans & Families, Inc.

Gregory Thibodaux, Director

Greg serves as a Director of the Foundation and is a Professor of Accounting at University of TN-Chatanooga.