National Foundation for Veterans & Families, Inc.

Washington, DC

In Memory Plaque Unveiled

The new design of the In Memory Plaque was recently unveiled. We appreciate your donations and support to make this happen! These are the American heroes the In Memory Plaque will continue to honor for generations to come. We believe that all those who spent their lives suffering, and whose families continue to suffer, should be honored for their sacrifice to this country.

​​​​LEARN MORE about how their service in Vietnam and exposure to defoliant spray (dioxins) caused cancer and other health issues, as well as painful long-term effects that have now been proven to be multi-generational, showing up in children and grandchildren of these veterans. Psychological wounds and the aftermath of serious injuries have plagued them all of their lives. And yet, they continue to fight for the rights of the veterans who have followed them.  For additional information, visit these sites:  Agent Orange – Public Health; Agent Orange –; and Birth Defects in Children of Vietnam and Korea Veterans.

"In Memory of the men and women who served in the Vietnam War and later died as a result of their service.

We honor and remember their sacrifice."

(Plaque Inscription)